Maple Syrup Pre-Filters - 6 Pack of Reemay Filter Cones

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  • Reemay
  • Designed to fit in 8-qt Orlon Cone Filters
  • Pre-Filters larger sediment from Maple Syrup before orlon finish-filter
  • Helps reduce rate of clogging of your orlon filter
  • Can be washed and reused a few times - Also good for filtering sap before boiling
  • Increases Maple Syrup clarity
  • These are great to have on hand for the whole maple syrup making process. Many maple producers use these at many different steps in the process to aid in the removal of unwanted sediment and to help improve finished product quality. These also do a great job of extending the life of the orlon filter cones. You can speed up filtering times by properly implementing these pre-filters. If you have never used these, what are you waiting for? You will love them!